Friday, June 28, 2013

Ebay's Lack of Respect For JS Sportscards and Other Sellers means Reduced Listings and Reduced Sales - DSR, Feedback, Increased Fees, Photographs - where does it stop?

Well, the ridiculous again becomes prevalent and the Ebay  rule.  Feedback, DSR's, Increased Fees, Reduced Customer Service, now Picture Size.

Pictures must be more than 500 pixels on a side.

Pictures larger that 7 MB are prohibited.

So what is important - small pictures or large pictures.  Beats me and a lot of others don't understand either.  We don't have the time to review over 3000 pictures and determine if they are compliant or not.

If we could quit working the ever-changing Ebay issues on present listings, we could list more items for sale.  Isn't that what everybody wants, more listings, more sales? Well, apparently not, Ebay must have too many listings and Amazon must really be hopeful that more business will gravitate to them.  Some large auction houses started listing with Ebay but couldn't stand the frequent Ebay changes.  They believe in developing their own system and it works fine for them,  changes that only they design and implement.

We will be transferring much of our inventory to and will be spending the fees that were paid to Ebay in the past, to promote the website. We will better serve our customers in this way.

We will use SEO techniques, Appropriate Advertising, and Email lists with regular notices to grow our business.  

If you would like to be on our email list, please let us know at  We will be glad to work with you.

2013 Chattanooga Lookouts Team Set

We have obtained a small quantity of 2012 Chattanooga Lookouts sets.  The set includes the outstanding Dodger rookie, Yasiel Puig, and Joc Pederson.  For questions, please address

2013 Texas League Top Prospect

The 2013 Texas League Top Prospects cards are now available.  This set includes George Springer, Michael Blazek, and Kyle Parker.  For more information, please contact

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2013 Pawtucket Red Sox

An early arrival, the 2013 Pawtucket Red Sox, is now available.  The set includes future stars such as Jackie Bradley, Jr., Allen Webster, Bryce Brentz, Jose Iglesias, Rubby De La Rosa, and Ryan Lavarnway.  For more information, please contact

2012 Spokane Indians

2013 sets are continuing to arrive, but we also just picked up some 2012 sets, including some 2012 Spokane Indians sets.  Future stars Ryan Rua, Joe Maloney, Jon Edwards, and C. J. Edwards are featured.  For  more information please contact


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Clay Buchholz Justin Upton Nick Markakis Rookie Cards - Summer Clearance Sale

The 2006 Just Autograph set (not signed) contains cards of several established major leaguers

Take a look at the Clay Buchholz, Justin Upton, and Nick Markakis cards shown below.  Each card is $1.00 with 0.75 shipping for the first card, plus 0.50 if Paypal is used..

We have two Buchholz, two Upton, and three Markakis cards so they are in short supply.  Please contact us at with questions.

Nate McLouth 2005 Stars Baseball Card

Nate McLouth has proven to be a great asset to a major league team and is well regarded by the Orioles fans.  These cards are great for autograph hunting.  We only have 5 of them available presently.

These cards are $1.00 each with 0.75 to ship the first one.  If paying by Paypal please add 0.50 to the total.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Matt Moore - Tampa Bay Tremendous Start on 2013 season

Matt Moore has been predicted to be at the top of the Tampa Bay Starting Pitcher lineup for some time.  He probably has achieved that and may stay there.  

Note his 2007 (rookie) and 2008 Princeton Devil Ray minor league baseball cards.  If you have questions, email

Clay Buchholz : W/L 8-0 : An Outstanding Start to 2013

Clay Buchholz has many interesting Minor League cards.  These include the 2007 Pawtucket set and the 2007-08-09 Pawtucket Dunkin Donut sets.  Contact for more information.

Patrick Corbin : W/L 9-0 : Terrific Start

Patrick Corbin is off to a tremendous start in 2013.  Presently at 9-0.

His minor league cards have not yet begun to increase in value.  You might want to look at 2012 Mobile Bears and the 2011 Southern League All Star cards for value.  Contact for more information.