Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2007 Sarasota Reds - Jay Bruce

We recently listed many of the 2007 Sarasota Reds set on Ebay, including Jay Bruce, Johnny Cueto, Richie Garner, and Craig Tatum among others.
The balance of the cards will be listed on

Friday, December 14, 2007

Matt LaPorta 2007 Helena Brewers

The card of Matt LaPorta is featured in the 2007 Helena Brewers Update set. He's a very promising Brewer prospect. Please check the card on Ebay, ID jsenter, store

If there are any questions, please contact us at

Jeff Locke Jason Heyward Cody Johnson

The 2007 Danville Update set includes three major prospects - Jeff Locke, Jason Heyward, and Cody Johnson.

The cards are now posted (singles) in Ebay account jsenter and will soon be posted on in both singles and sets.

Let us know at if you have any additional questions.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

2007 Springfield Cardinals

This week on Ebay, we listed some of the cards from the 2007 Springfield Cardinals set.

We will also list some on, so that our long term mail-order customers have a selection.

Monday, August 6, 2007

JS Sports Cards - 2007 TrentonThunder

On August 6, 2007 we listed singles of the 2007 Trenton Thunder for sale on Ebay.

The players listed were:

Justin Christian
Matt Carson
Joba Chamberlain
Juan francia
Brett Gardner
Cody Ehlers
Gerardo Casadiego
Aarom Baldiris
Zach Kroenke
J. T. LaFountain
Shawn Garrett
Tim Lavigne
Ian Kennedy
Alan Horne
Noah Hall
Jason Jones
Jeff Kennard
Michael Gardner
Brett Smith
Jeff Marquez
Scott Patterson
Ramiro Pena
Gabriel Lopez
P. J. Pilittere
Edwar Ramirez
Carlos Mendoza
Kevin Whelan
Chase Wright

Cards in the set that are available but not listed on Ebay and will be available on are:

Boomer - Mascot
Tony Franklin
Chase, That Golden Thunder
Zac Womack
Tom Wilson
Scott Aldred

We also have a complete set to offer.

Let us know at if we can help you.


Thursday, August 2, 2007

JS Sports Cards - Adam Jones

Adam Jones, one of the top minor league prospects was called up to the Seattle Mariners.

JS Sports Cards has his cards for sale on Ebay (ebay ID is jsenter):

2006 Pacific Coast League All Star

2005 California League Top Prospect

2007 Pacific Coast League All Star

2006 Pacific Coast League All star.

We also have other Adam Jones cards for sale on Please let us know if we can help you.


JS Sports Cards - Justin Upton

Justin Upton, one of the top minor league prospects was called up to the Arizona Diamondbacks today.

We presently have the following cards for sale on Ebay (our Ebay ID is jsenter):

2006 Just Autographs Silver signed #18/100

2006 Just Limited Autograph #6/50

2006 Justifiable Gold #12/100

2006 Midwest League All Star

2007 Southern League Top Prospect

2006 Midwest League Top Prospect

For other of Justin's cards please search


JS Sports Cards - 2007 Pawtucket Red Sox

On August 1, 2007 we listed singles of the 2007 Pawtucket Red Sox for sale on ebay.

The players listed were:

Abe Alvarez
Jeff Bailey
Craig Breslow
Clay Buchholz
Mike Burns
Manny Delcarmen
Kevin Cash
Bryan Corey
Kason Gabbard
Jacoby Ellsbury
Travis Hughes
Deven Hansack
George Kotteras
Jon Lester
Craig Hansen
Javier Lopez
Edgar Martinez
Joe McEsing
Brandon Moss
Alex Prieto
David Murphy
Ed Rogers
Bobby scales
David Pauley
Chad Spann
Charlie Zink

Cards in the set that are available but not listed on Ebay (these will be offered for sale on are:

Mark Budaska
Ron Johnson
Mike Griffin
Mascots - Paws & Sox

We also have a couple of complete sets to offer.

Let us know at if we can help you.


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

JS Sports Cards - 2007 Pacific Coast League All Star

On July 30, 2007, we listed singles of the 2007 Pacific Coast League All Star set on Ebay. Our Ebay ID is jsenter.

Players include:

Vinny Rottino
Micah Hoffpauir
Eric Patterson
Scott Seabol
Clint Barmes
Terry Evans
Adam Jones
Alex Romero
Chris Oxspring
Justin Lehr
Chad Harville
Ryan Speier
Valentino Pascucci
Mark Johnson
Robert Andino
Daric Barton
Craig Brazell
Tomas De La Rosa
Sean Barker
Delwyn Young
Steve Bray
Willie Collazo
Jack Cassel
Travis Driskill
Dan Giese
Matt Herges
Mike Wood
Mark Worrell

Cards not listed are:

Dean Treanor
Ken Howell
Von Joshua
Steve Miller

If you are interested in any cards, please visit our Ebay site,, or email us at

Besides singles, we also have complete team sets available.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

JS Sports Cards

JS Sports Cards
is a recognized supplier of Sports Memorabilia, specializing in Minor League Singles and Team Sets. We also offer autographed cards, major league singles and other memorabilia items.

We work closely with Ebay (over 18,000 total feedback) using the name jsenter, and have worked in the past with Naxcom, Bidville, Yahoo, and other auction venues.

Yesterday we listed a number of new items on JS Sports Cards and cards from the 2007 Portland Sea Dogs and 2007 August Greenjackets on Ebay. We will contine to report on out new acquisitions and welcome your review of and our Ebay account. We are transferring much of our Ebay inventory to during July and August 2007 in order to make JS Sports Cards a focus of the Minor League Collector and will be advertising in SCD and other sports periodicals, as well as on Google.

JS Sports Cards