Monday, September 15, 2008

Ebay - serious set of problems (page 4)

Try to list items yesterday and today.

Enter standard service for shipping ($3.50)with 2-day response.

Can't do it - error message: "Please provide the correct information in the highlighted fields. Get it fast - you must specify an overnight shipping service to use Get it Fast.
Handling time - Invalid Domestic Handling time for Get it Fast.

So what happens: The listing appears with the Get it Fast shipping and handling charge of $25.00- everybody knows that overnight shipping is expensive.

But to have a listing appear with the Expedited shipping and handling is ridiculous. That method is a reserve method that will be used in less than 1% of the time.

When is Ebay going to get a handle on the software errors?

I am through listing and relisting until I see Ebay has straightened it out. That's probably exactly what Ebay's plan is. Does it make sense, no it disrespects the seller's time and money, as well as the buyer's time - what buyer is going to search for low cost listings and find a $25.00 charge facing them. Again RIDICULOUS

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ebay - a serious set of Problems (Page 3)

Try to delete an item from Unsold Inventory.

Error message says - "Sorry, one or more of your items were not deleted successfully. Please refresh the screen and try again."


Several have speculated that this an Ebay attempt to have sellers mistakenly reenter sales items in order to boost the Ebay numbers? I don't have a better speculation unless the entire software system is broken, which is a possibility.

But whatever is going on, Ebay is likely being dishonest not only with the seller but also the potential buyer. The buyer can spend a lot of time trying to buy an item that should have been deleted.

Ebay Today - a set of problems (Page 2)

3. Some time ago, PayPal tried to steal $600+ for us, that makes them less than a friend, more like an enemy. They only relented and turned the money over to us when we seriously threatened Class Action Lawsuits - of course the attorney fees cost us, not them. Ebay's promise to have Pro Pay on board end of October will likely be another broken promise. Ebay has made so many committments that are detrimental to sellers that they can't remember them all. So we have a changing environment, almost every day.

4. Ebay's software is now more screwed up than ever. In trying to list product:

The system sometimes can require an overnight shipping method, but not always. Many of us have jobs that require some travel and we have to close the office at times, and cannot comply.

When listing an item from a similar listing, the body of the listing might occur correctly, but often the title is wrong.

And there are a myriad of other problems, including restatement of shipping and handling costs, some of them very reasonable to the seller and the buyer, but not to ebay managment.

5. Every day I face a new problem in trying to comply with new poorly thought out rules. Other sellers do the same. The result will be reduced listings, eventually lower revenues and profits from the Ebay auctions/store listings.

Hopefully one of the alternative sites will soon step up and become a leader. Ebay's 10-year old development and success is currently at risk.

And by the way Ebay's new rules are working against buyers also. Besides the threat of not paying with check or money order, buyers are looking at increased prices. I know a lot of sellers are increasing shipping and handling fees and fixed price sales in order to account for the increased amount of time in dealing with new Ebay rules.

We will stay on Ebay as long as there is an Ebay, but in a reduced mode. More of our product will appear on alternative sites, and we will be down to 200-300 ebay listings, down from over 6,000 a couple years ago.

Ebay Today - a real set of problems (page 1)

Why are we and other sellers expending so much effort and time to identify other alternative sites (to Ebay) that will perform?

1. Ebay's email system is broken. We have to resend multiple emails to buyers through Ebay's system, a very time consuming task. When using our system, gmail, there are many fewer problems. Unfortunately Ebay has decided to eliminate the buyer's email address from the information that the seller will get. This will only tax Ebay's system more and will result in almost total failure, another very poor Ebay management decision.

2. We have experienced an abnormal number of Inventory counting failures within Ebay, including a $30.00 card they relisted (probably to just get the revenue from it). Ebay is not being honest with sellers.


A new venture of JS Sports Cards is listing product at

Our booth is at

We beleive that the guiding principle of simplicity will make this site a success. Sure they need to attract more buyers and sellers, but Ebay's self-created problems and Naxom's unfriendly attitude (to sllers) will enable that to happen.

Atomic Mall

JS Sports Cards is now listing a number of items at

We are impressed with the simplicity of the auction site and the responsiveness of the owner/manager, although we have not yet been able to solve getting Google Checkout integrated into Atomic Mall. Soon he will make it easy to import pictures from your computer and this will be much easier than importing from Photbucker or a number of other possibilities. We should end up with about 2000 lots on Atomic Mall and hope to get some sales soon.

Review our offerings there.