Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Naxcom vs. Ebay - Burbank Sportscards

Burbank Sportscards recently announced they are listing their 30,000,000 inventory on Ebay. Burbank Sportscards had been a long time major seller on Naxcom. I can only guess as to the reason for the shift in sales venue - but it possible that Naxcom's unwillingness to adhere to their own policies created this break. Of course, it could also be other reasons, since Ebay is now being aggressive to get large sellers on their site, and they could have offered very attractive terms to attract Burbank Sportscards. I suspect this is the first of several major defections from Naxcom - a move to a larger buyer base and more honesty in dealing (that's actually tough for me to say after Ebay has implemented their most recent very harsh and inequitable seller policy, changes which will certainly hurt them longer time). But perhaps for present, Ebay, in spite of its problems, is the most honest venue. Time will tell.
The reader should note that the break between JS Sports Cards and Naxcom occurred after three irrational decisions by Naxcom's Customer Service team - possibly now renamed the Naxcom Buyer's Team, since there is no customer service for sellers at Naxcom.